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A waterbowl is the Dogecoin term for a Faucet. They allow you to collect free coins at a predetermined interval.  Usually a site will give out somewhere between 1 and 100 Dogecoin. Every site has its own time limits, but usually you can only receive coins once every few hours, or in some cases, once every few days. Most Waterbowls have a weekly payout, each hour you collect x amount of coins, then on sunday you payout x amount of coins. It's a great way for young shibes with few doge to get started. All you do is copy your address from the receive section of your wallet and enter it on some faucet sites. You can get a full updated list of confirmed faucets that payout at Dogecoin Faucet List

Some waterbowls are:

Waterbowl URL Availablily Payout 4 minutes Usually 0.25Ð - 0.4Ð 1 Hour Varies by exchange rate.

0.17Ð 5 Minutes Varies by exchange rate.

Usually ~0.07Ð 30 minutes 0.15Ð-5Ð 1 Hour 0.15Ð-120Ð 12 Hours 0.09Ð-1.23Ð


5 minutes[2] 0.12Ð 15 minutes 0.01Ð -0.5Ð

Alternatively to normal Waterbowls there are also Automatic Waterbowls. these Automatic Waterbowls dont pay out your Doge in a single payout, but over a bunch of payouts. most Automatic Waterbowls are mainly used to increase your level on the microwallet faucethub however below is an Autofaucet designed to payout Competetive to a faucet: the longer you run it the more doge you earn.

Auto- Waterbowl URL Payout Timer Payout Ammount Daily payout Ammount 30 Seconds 20.000 "Ðtoshi"

(0.0002Ð )

0.78Ð per 24 hours

(0.0002Ð x 2820 claims = 0.78Ð)

Android Faucets :

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