Website Link The Doge Coin Foundation is a non-profit charity medium. It works with charities to provide a method for advertising their cause and acting as a payment processor to ensure the legitimacy of donations. The Doge Coin Foundation will look at the background of the charity before allowing them as a cause. This means you can donate with confidance to the Doge Coin Foudnation knowing the supported charities are legitimate.

Please note the Doge Coin Foundation is NOT a charity, but a medium for other charities.


The Doge Coin Foundation gives you addresses to donate directly to a cause or you can donate to their general fund which is shared among the less popular charities.

Supported causesEdit

The Doge Coin foundation currently endorses:


  • Doge4Water [Completed]
  • Doge4Kids [Completed]


  • Douglas County Dental Clinic
  • The League Against AIDS
  • Edwards Center
  • Lucie's Place
  • Shibe Scout Rescue

Development ProjectsEdit

  • Facebook Tipping

Infrastructure ProvidersEdit


You can donate to them on the Doge Coin Foundation website.