The bot is not answering me?!Edit

Dogetipbot can be running slow at times because of the crazy tipping of some awesome users. When you receive a tip, but the bot hasn't sent you a message, then wait till he does. When you got something you can continue with the steps below.

What is dogetipbot?Edit

Dogetipbot is a reddit bot that allows you to tip other users with dogecoins.

Is this for real?Edit

Yes. Yes it is. If dogecoins are new to you, you should probably read this thread.

I got a message saying I recieved dogecoin, how do I get them? Edit

Easy. Just +accept it. Your account will be created, and then you can +withdraw them to your own dogecoin wallet. Or, you can tip others... which is preferable. :)

How do I tip another user?Edit

First, you need to +register and send some dogecoins to the address generated for you. Then you can reply to any comment or post with the syntax:

+/u/dogetipbot 5 doge

and dogetipbot takes care of the rest!


+register - Register a dogecoin address that you can send dogecoins to. Syntax: +register ADDRESS.

+history - Check your dogecoin balance.rtye5ryh5r

+withdraw - Used to withdraw coins to an external address. Syntax: +withdraw ADDRESS QUANTITY_OF_COINS doge or withdraw ADDRESS ALL doge to withdraw all your dogecoins.

+accept - Accept a tip if you've never registered with dogetipbot before. If you've already registered, you will accept tips automatically.

+reject - Reject a tip. Not very nice.

Changes coming soon Edit

Dogetipbutt in under development, there will be changes.