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About DogemaniaEdit

Dogemania is a plugin built on the XASECO server control framework for Trackmania Nations Forever and XASECO2 for Trackmania 2. It is a plugin built to support Dogecoin transactions in game while playing Trackmania. The players currently control the Dogecoin plugin through "slash" commands

Features & Server CommandsEdit

While in game, the player can issue commands by preceding a chat message with "/doge". For instance, if the player wants a full list of commands available in game, the player can type "/doge help". Below is a full list of commands 

/doge deposit - provides an address to deposit Doge to to play on the server. YOU MUST DEPOSIT DOGE TO THIS ADDRESS IN ORDER TO CONTRIBUTE. You can also win Doge in game without depositing to your address, if you are fast enough

/doge withdraw <AMOUNT> <ADDRESS> - withdraw an amount from your server balance to your wallet. You must paste in YOUR Dogecoin address here

/doge balance - Refresh your player balance. If you deposited to your server provided address, use this to get your balance. To be doubly sure that your deposit is reflected, you can also cross reference the dogechain page for your deposit. The url is provided in game

/doge tip <AMOUNT> <PLAYER_LOGIN> - tip another player

/doge bounty <AMOUNT> - Set or contribute to the race bounty. The fastest player wins this amount at the end of the round

/doge tothemoon <AMOUNT> - Set or contribute to the "TO THE MOON" pot. The first player to cross the finish line wins the pot!

/doge moon <AMOUNT> - same as to the moon^

/doge beg - beg the whole server for doge. such poor shibe

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