A community driven list of Dogecoin resources to be listed on

Desktop clientsEdit

Light walletsEdit

Mobile walletsEdit

Online walletsEdit

  • FitWallet - Secure online wallet that supports Dogecoin in addition to Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • HolyTransaction - your universal multi-currency wallet. It's designed for nontechnical users. It offers a simple and instant exchange among top cryptocurrencies. Mobile wallet client available on any device with HTML5 support.
  • Bitaps - multicurrency online wallet
  • Block.IO - Easy wallet for fast setup and safe transactions. You can use Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoins. You are able to manage multiple addresses with each crypto!


Local portalsEdit

Mining poolsEdit

P2Pool nodes (hash rate shared by all nodes)Edit


Trading PostsEdit





Misc ServicesEdit

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