In 100 Before Greatshibe it was foretold:

"we are winners, as foretold in the prophecy and the smiling faces of Shibe everywhere."
The Prophecy of Ðoge

For a Shibe had slipped and tipped and thus sponsored the great Ðogecar of Josh Wise. Thus, those who tip backwards, become as race gods and are guaranteed to reach the Moon. Not content with tipping the car over, Shibes tipped the car upright again with many thousands of the old fashioned Fiat Currency. Nobody mentions Fiat since Josh Wise’s No. 98 Ford is not a Fiat but a Cryptocar.

Thus fulfilling yet another prophecy. Which nobody had written down as there was too much Wow: ÐOGECAR.

Upon May 4th 2014 Josh Wise’s No. 98 Ford was given to don a Ðoge livery for the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway. Thus was the prophecy of 100 Before Greatshibe given to a Wise Shibe to fulfill. Unknown to the casual observers of NASCAR, they were witness to the first testing of the rocket to the Moon. Powered by WO3W using a secret formula devised by Doctor Emmet Brown as revealed in his book "Nanotechnology for Fun and Profit".

Unlike other NASCAR Drivers Wise was in the first purpose built vehicle based on the advanced work of Doctor Emmett Lathrop Brown (née von Braun). Doctor Brown's pioneering work outlines the construction of a vehicle that can get to the moon. This makes it the first NASCAR vehicle designed by someone born both in 1920 and 1914. Such design. Much Wow. Very quantum uncertain.

Inspired by his dog Copernicus, Doctor Brown designed the vehicle using crowdsourcing. Copernicus crowdsourced a number of litters of pups. All of which were Shibe Inuit and like to hunt in the frozen wastes. In the vast wastelands of the North, the Shibe Inuit discovered many things. Such as the veins of WO3W to power the Ðogecar.

Much the same as most other quantum events, the May 4th 2014 race was both won and not won by Wise. Thus allowing a universe to exist without the average colour of cosmic latte. Also, due to quantum bifurcation, the Ðogecar became reflected and thus a Racegod. This event permitted Wise to drive to the Moon.

Along the journey, Wise discovered the wreckage of S. A. Andrée's 1897-1898 Arctic Balloon expedition[1] This was necessary in order to keep the Ðogecar from being simply sponsorship.

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